A Swedish restaurant in Sweden, nearby Lake Siljan

Are you looking for a restaurant near Siljan? At Johansson’s restaurant in Tällberg, you can eat world-class food. The restaurant, which has been part of White Guide Sweden since 2015, offers food prepared from locally produced ingredients. Eat a well-cooked diet in a classic Dalecarlian environment.

The dishes are based on the ingredients that the local season offers, and that are available for the day. In this way you can say that we follow the season.

A Swedish restaurant in Tällberg, near Siljan

Here are some examples of how we work with locally produced ingredients.

The beef and pork comes from the animals of the local farmers. The fish in the restaurant has swum in our Swedish waters. The fresh vegetables come from the fields in the immediate area, as do the berries and mushrooms. Some fruits and berries come directly from our Garden here at Tällbergsgården. 

The dairy products come from cows in Dalarna. Other products, which are not available here locally, are hand-picked from European subcontractors who maintain quality.

Hotel and restaurant by Lake Siljan

Book a weekend trip or business conference in the Siljan area. In addition to being a restaurant, Tällbergsgården can offer you several advantageous alternatives. Contact us and we will help you find good alternatives.

Relax and be inspired here in Tällberg, with a view of Lake Siljan. The environment invites you to relax and is inspired by the classic Dalarna atmosphere. Snuggle up in front of the fire in the fireplace in our lounge and enjoy the tranquility.