God mat på Tällbergsgården


Tällbergsgården´s restaurant focuses on produce from the surrounding countryside and our dishes are therefore inspired by those items which each season offers and are currently available. During the winter we strive as far as possible to use Swedish ecological produce and extend the season for other pro duce with classic Swedish methods of cooking.

Beef and pork from the local farmers, newly caught fish from Swedish waters, fresh vegetables grown by local farmers, berries and fungi picked in the district, milk, cream and butter from the county´s cows, and pears, black and red currants, rhubarb and apples from our own trees and bushes is what we offer in Tällbergsgården´s dining-room. We feel privileged to use such produce created with love and care. It can aptly be described as the Swedish gold. Our menus are determined by this produce and we constantly try to refine the raw materials, which we consider reflect this area, with culinary skills in the kitchen.

This local produce is further combined with classic French, Spanish  and Italian items which we otherwise lack. The selection ,however, is always made with great thought concerning origin and quality and we strive to always use ecological produce. We really hope you will come and enjoy our Dalarna restaurant.
You will be most welcome!



weekdays tuesday – friday 07.00-09.00

saturday & sunday from 08.00-10.00



Á la carte friday & saturday
from 18.00 – 21.00
Gårdsmeny 3-course dinner monday – thursday 18.00 – 20.00
Closed on sunday evening

The restaurant´s opening times are subject to alterations due to conferences, number of bookings or other events.

For groups of more than 8 persons we would ask you to book the food before arrival. Residents with any of our packages may choose from our 3-course á la carte menu. For children aged 2-12 we offer the á la carte menu in half portions and at half price, which can be complemented with any of our other children´s dishes.